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 Shakey's in Hershey, PA 05/19/00

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HershAmItheOne&Johnny .jpg (20140 bytes)

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HershKeyboard.jpg (28833 bytes)

Beth & Johnny

"Am I the one?" Beth, Scott, and fan "Isolation" Beth at her Keyboard
Jammin' On Main in Cincinnati, OH 05/12/00 &
Star Lake Ampitheatre near Pittsburgh, PA 05/13/00 

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StarlkTattoo.jpg (16856 bytes)

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Beth in Cinci "Run" Beth & Johnny Beth's Tattoo "LA Song"

All of the above photos are courtesy of Linda Bunnell ©JanFan Inc.

These are miscellaneous photos

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A-beth2.jpg (18903 bytes)

Beth as Janis Beth & Cathy More Beth as Janis More Beth as Janis Misc. Beth
These are some of my favs!

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BHB.jpg (8621 bytes)

Beth in Tub Misc. Beth Beth from CD More Beth from CD Beth Hart Band


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