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 Glamour Magazine Photos

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 The following are from the Special Advertising

Section from the Sept 2000 edition of Glamour magazine


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Beth warms up with a rendition of her popular single, "LA Song," then steals some solo time to experiment with lyrics and tempos for new songs.

For Lucky Brand Jeans

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Beth takes time to get in tune performing her new single, "Delicious Surprise". Sound check is a great time to warm up your voice and mentally prepare for a show.

For Chevy Cavalier


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Pre-concert stretching with a friend helps Beth maintain her energy for performances, while the meditative qualities of yoga keep her body and soul in balance.
   For Aerosoles

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Beth lays down the vocals for a follow-up album to her smash release, Screamin' For My Supper. Recording an entire album can take several days or weeks so that the artist can be sure they have the best take for each song.

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For Steve Madden


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