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Beth Hart


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Review #1

The Beth Hart Band's 1996 debut, Immortal, went largely unnoticed, save for the few converts who snapped it up after they caught Hart's incendiary live performances. Hart's memorable Joplin-esque vocals and honest songs permeate this sincere but uneven outing. The song "Run," where Hart invokes the quirky, sensitive spirits of both Tori Amos and Joni Mitchell is a winner, and the assured, sexy vocals and ringing guitars of "Spiders in My Bed" fare much better than the overproduced and overwrought "Hold Me Through the Night." Hart's reflective lyrics and musical emotions are best conveyed via the less-slick material on this dozen-song CD, such as the Heart-like ballad "Summer Is Gone," or the dynamic, whisper-to-a-scream of the title track. Hart's passionate but primal vocals are at their zenith on "Am I the One," which is pure, sultry, and bluesy--more timeless than vintage. -- by Katherine Turman

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Review #2

Immortal - How to hide the best album of the century? November 22, 1999
Reviewer: Torven from Hamburg/Germany 

You like contemporary rock music? You like the dirty blues? You like ballads that take your breath away? Then you should read this. It has been pure destiny that gave this CD to me. I sat in a little cafe in Hamburg with my girlfriend when there was this song in the background: Burn Chile from Beth Hart's debut Immortal. It has been the copy of the waitress - she was a exchange student from L.A. and this CD wasn't released in Germany at all. Anyway I called a friend in the states to send me a copy and this has been the best decision ever. 

First I considered her music to be too overloaded by instrumentation, but that opinion changed after I heard it about 30 times. There are so many details in these songs - you have to take some time to take notice. This is music for advanced listeners. Then I had the chance to listen to this CD in a large music hall alone without anyone around. Wow - you need the right venue and the right volume and you will see what music is about. Today I'm absolutely sure - this is the best album of the whole century - even a little better than her latest release - Screaming for my supper. You just have to listen to it. It's getting better every time you do it, even after several hundred times. I recommend to buy not only this CD - buy a second CD player too, or the rest of your collection hasn't got a home anymore. This board has not enough stars to rate this CD right.

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