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Screamin' for My Supper cover

Screamin' For My Supper 
Released August 3, 1999.
Produced by: Beth Hart & Tal Herzberg
Delicious Surprise & LA Song 
Produced by Oliver Leiber for the Noise Club, Inc.
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Immortal cover

Released May 21, 1996.
Produced by: Hugh Padgham, David Foster and Mike Clink
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Delicious Suprise Import cover

Delicious Surprise  
Track Listings:
1. Album Version                3. Mama (Live Acoustic)
2. Jackie's Song (Live)       4. L.A. Song (Live)


LA Song Import cover

LA Song (Out of This Town)  
Track Listings:
1. LA Song (Out Of This Town) (Album Version)     
2. LA Song (Out Of This Town) (Remix Edit)     
3. Am I The One?

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