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So Ya Think I'm Crazy.......

Beth on HBO's Reverb

Beth and Jimmy

OK!  Here is how I so lucky as to have stumbled upon Beth. One cold night in November of 1999, I was sleeping with the television on.  At one point in the middle of the night, I was awakened by the sound of this incredible voice.  Well, I had to open up my eyes and see who this voice belonged to!  It was Beth Hart performing live on HBO's Reverb.  Beth Hart?  Who is she? Where have I been?  I wrote her name down, so I would remember it.  The very next day I rushed to the record store and bought "Screaming for My Supper".  I was more than blown away! I had to hear more!  A couple of weeks later I bought "Immortal". Well, lets just say that I have been HOOKED ever since!  Obsessed? Some say I am just plain mad I tell you! I do know I am NOT the only person who can't get enough of her!

In a world where "Barbie-doll" pop is all the rage, emerges this amazing, charismatic diva.  Yes, DIVA.  Oh sure, she can dress it up and compete with the other pretty dolls, but this chick ROCKS! I have never heard anyone sing with more heart, soul, and sincerity. I swear that Janis Joplin and Robert Plant must have had a fling and she was the end result! So step aside Barbie's! (I won't mention names because that would be indiscrete - Britney, Christina, Shania - oops!) This chick has got more soul and talent in her baby toe, than all of you rolled into one GIANT Barbie!  Beth just doesn't sing, no child, that girl SANG!

I have so far been lucky enough to see Beth "live" and in person twice.  This past February, I got to see her at "Shooters" in Cleveland.  I also saw her open up for Bryan Adams at Star Lake Amphitheatre, just outside of  Pittsburgh.  You HAVE to see her live to totally appreciate her!  She is just unreal!  She doesn't just play, she seems to have a connection with everyone in the crowd.  It seems as if she is talking to each person "individually",  just like an old and dear friend.   You also meet the nicest people at her concerts.  In fact in Pittsburgh, I made a new friend.  We will call her JanFan.  She was nice enough to let me use some of her Beth photos on this website!

I have yet to meet Beth in person.  I just would like to tell her how much I admire her talent and spirit. What I respect about her most is that she is not afraid to be who she is, no matter what. You can tell she has been through some stuff, but her spirit refuses to be broken.  I believe she is on the edge of something big.  "It won't be long.  Just remember, powerful is the woman in you. Stay true, now." 



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